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Bitcoin games – what makes them different?

Bitcoin games are the newest online gaming hit. Developers all around the world keep creating new ways to deliver fun to millions of bitcoin users. What’s the heat all about? You have probably heard about the micropayments in various mobile and online games, where you pay for items, skills or other stuff to gain advantage in the game. This is a model widely known and implemented in thousands of titles, from indie to mainstream ones.

But let’s turn things around. Wouldn’t it be great if it was you who gets paid after passing a level, solving a puzzle or winning a round against your online opponent? That’s absolutely possible thanks to bitcoin games available nowadays.

Bitcoin faucets are widely known among bitcoin enthusiasts. These are sites which pay satoshis to users for completing various tasks – captchas, forms and other activities described by the website. They are a great way to enter the bitcoin world, but as the bitcoin adoption grows, the market gets more competitive, so the sites try to develop new ways of gaining users attention.

This is where the game faucets step in. Game faucets are similar to thousands of online gaming sites, but there’s one big difference – you’re not only rewarded with a ranking, you earn satoshis for playing games in your web browser. Usually they provide arcade games, like real time strategy games, shooters, racing or puzzle games. Where do the money for the payments come from? It’s simple. The sites earn revenue from the advertisement partners for showing the ads to the players. Hence, the sites are interested in gaining as many users as it is possible to extend their reach and earn more, win-win situation.

Apart from the arcade-style game faucets, you can also find casino-style faucets. These are similar to the faucets described above, the difference is the type of games offered to the user. Bitcoin casino faucets allow their users to play bitcoin games just like the ones, which may be found in a real casino – various slots, blackjack or poker. Bitcoin games enthusiasts especially adore dice games, like the famous Satoshi Dice.

That’s of course not the only face of bitcoin games. Bitcoin’s mass adoption has solved some problems of the “real” gambling industry. Until now, they had to face many obstacles like high transaction fees or payment processing problems. Bitcoin changed it all and bitcoin casinos are the place to go if you want to put your bitcoins at stake and play for real, just like you’d be in Vegas. One thing needs to be emphasized – always pick a provably fair casino, which is regulated, like AdmiralSpot, so you wouldn’t end up caught by a scam.

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