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Bonus bitcoin

Bitcoin has become a phenomenon of our times. The cryptocurrency is storming the internet, as millions of new users decide to open a bitcoin wallet and join the growing bitcoin society. Bitcoin gains more mainstream attention, hitting the headlines on a daily basis. Created back in 2011 as an experiment by a developer hiding behind Satoshi Nakamoto name, bitcoin has become one of the most popular method of payment online. Are you a freebie fan? Grab some bonus bitcoin.

bonus bitcoinBitcoin’s popularity is skyrocketing for good reasons. Anonymity should be put on the top spot of the list. No personal data are being recorded when using bitcoin for transactions, but at the same time, bitcoin brings an unprecedented transparency level.

All transactions made with bitcoin don’t require a third-party processor, all of them are processed inside bitcoin’s network. The transactions are extremely fast and extremely cheap when compared to the traditional banking system fees. Bitcoin is safe. It has been proven, that it’s almost impossible to hack into a bitcoin wallet, as long as you take standard security measures. Bitcoin has a global reach and you can use it from any place in the world, as long as you are online.

bonus bitcoinFirst perceived as a gimmick, bitcoin has gained a strong reputation since its creation. Bitcoin’s daily transaction volume is the proof which says it all. Over $500 million worth of transactions are being made every single day. Something even bigger – the overall value of all the bitcoins created is around $19 billion at the time of writing. Bitcoin is here to stay.

How to claim bonus bitcoin?
Bitcoin has become extremely popular in the online gaming industry, as it allows to make instant, anonymous payments and withdrawals on various gaming sites. There’s more – you can claim some bonus bitcoin absolutely free on some sites.

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