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mBTC – what’s the difference between BTC and mBTC?

Bitcoin’s popularity is exponentially rising during the last few years. The cryptocurrency is storming the internet, as more users are becoming aware of its great, innovative features and numerous possibilities it brings. What are the reasons behind the phenomenom it has become since the time it was created? Let’s take a look at some advantages bitcoin has over the traditional fiat money.

mbtcEase of use. Although the word “cryptocurrency”, taken from cryptographic currency may sound complicated or even scary at first, bitcoin is extremely easy to use. All it takes is an email address to open up a bitcoin wallet, where your bitcoins will be stored.

Anonymity is another strong point of bitcoin. Do you like your transactions to be watched by the government or other financial institution? Nobody does. You’re surely aware of the fact the transactions you make with your credit card are recorded along with your data. Using bitcoin allows you to be fully anonymous and keep your personal data along with other sensitive information absolutely safe. No one can trace your transactions back to you, unless you publicize your wallet address.

Unlike using credit cards or wire transfers, bitcoin allows you to take advantage of really low transaction costs. All bitcoin users are contributing to the network, sharing the burden of authorizing transactions. This reduces the costs of transactions, making them neglibile.

mbtcTheft of bitcoins? You can relax and forget about it. Bitcoins’ address can only be changed by its owner. Therefore no one can steal your bitcoins unless they would gain physical access to your computer or device storing bitcoins.

Many people fear the bitcoins price, as one bitcoin is worth well over one thousand dollars. What you should know is that bitcoin transactions are usually done with a small fraction of a bitcoin. This is where mBTC’s come in handy. mBTC means one-thousandth of a bitcoin, it’s also called a millibitcoin.

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